Truffles the Pig - Original Pen and Ink ACEO/ATC Drawing Art Card Free Shipping - product images

Truffles the Pig - Original Pen and Ink ACEO/ATC Drawing Art Card Free Shipping

4 x 6 inches including mat | ink on art paper, eco-friendly mat | original ink drawing
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This original pen and ink drawing measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches, and was done with artist quality ink and on heavy acid-free drawing paper. It is matted with a black mat to fit a standard 5 x 7" frame. It is signed on the back.

Truffles is my pot-bellied pig. I think she is amazing.
I know there are some out there who will scoff, but this is one pretty special pig. Seriously.

This pig can do agility like dogs can - you know, weaving through poles, going through tunnels, she can even go over a little bitty teeter totter! She does, umm, waddle her way through, mind you. And, her belly does drag on the ground just a bit, but hey - she does it with her whole heart and soul (well, mostly because she really, really loves dog treats) and that's what's important right?

She likes to be scratched. A lot. She loves to eat. A lot. Especially tomatoes. And dog treats.

I do love my pig.

Fun Fact: Did you know that pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old human?

Note: the copyright information will not be on the original drawing.
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